Indoor Air Quality and the Health of Nursing Home Residents Linked in New Study

Indoor Environmental Consultants (IEC) provides air quality testing and consulting services for nursing homes across Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Patient.Texas has over 1,000 nursing homes across the state that are entrusted with the care and wellbeing of people in need of their services. These residents rely on the nursing home staff and administrators for a safe and healthy environment to live out their remaining years.

Most nursing home patients are elderly and many have existing medical conditions that make the indoor environmental quality of their nursing home a critical component of their health. Last month, the European Respiratory Journal (ERJ) published a study that examined how poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can impact the lung health of elderly nursing home residents. The EU funded project looked at 600 residents over the age of 65 in 50 different nursing homes.

Indoor pollutant data was collected from five categories. They included: particulate matter with a diameter of 10 micrometers or less (PM10), particulate matter with a diameter of 0.1 micrometers or less (PM0.1), formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ozone (O3). According to the ERJ, for residents exposed to moderate to high levels of PM10 and NO2 there was an association with breathlessness and cough. Exposure to PM0.1 was associated with wheezing, and formaldehyde exposure was linked with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

“This new study reinforces the importance of air quality for the health of nursing home residents,” said Hollis L. Horner, President of Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. “Although the study took place in seven European countries, the correlation between indoor air quality and the health of nursing home residents holds true for Texas and the 1.4 million residents of nursing home care across the entire United States.”

To help ensure nursing home residents are exposed to healthy indoor air, the building science professionals at IEC offer air quality testing and consulting services. These services include monitoring for particulates, gases, microbial pathogens, and other potentially harmful substances.


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About Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc.

IEC began operations in 2001 with some of the nation’s most seasoned professional indoor air quality consultants who already had over 70 years of combined experience. The indoor environmental quality firm specializes in field investigations and assessments of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Their services, related to fungal (mold), chemical, bacterial, asbestos and particulate pollutants, are offered throughout Texas, the Gulf Coast and the Southwest. IEC is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a mold assessment company (ACO0114) and an asbestos consultant agency (100329).

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